Van Meurs Energy has the most comprehensive online database serving the upstream petroleum industry with respect to texts of laws, contracts and concessions,  fiscal and tax terms,  world wide competitive ratings, and comparative legal analysis.

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Legal Database

With a repository of documents from more than 160 countries, Van Meurs Energy has one of the most extensive collections of legal documents for the upstream petroleum industry. Find what you're looking for by country, keyword, or date. New documents are added regularly.

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World Fiscal Oil and Gas Model

Our World Fiscal Model has been field-tested and refined for over thirty years. With it, you can perform comparative analysis online on our database of fiscal terms for more than 160 countries.

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World Rating Study (2011)

Our extensive study of all fiscal systems in the world as of 2011 including a summary, descriptions of all fiscal systems, and commentary.

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World Fiscal Rating of Oil Terms (2021)

With our extensive fiscal model, we have ranked virtually every fiscal system in the world on a number of economic factors. By selecting a fiscal system and some parameters, you can see how the system ranks with others in the world.

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